We are a fully integrated company with own Langostino & Nailon shrimp quota, fishing boats, processing facility and exporting company.

This integration, allowed us to have full control of the raw material at all stages, and therefore guarantee our customers with the most fresh and highest quality product.

In addition, our company is fully committed on:

  • Environmental
    • Sustainability (MSC certified)
    • Reducing collateral effects, such as :
      • Water waste à today treating all waters with new equipments & methods
      • Reducing by products à today nearly nothing is left as by product
    • Never compromise on quality
      • Highest quality standards (FSSC 22000 proudly certified)
    • Mutual respect
      • Social responsibility
    • Embrace change
    • Continuous improvement
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Geronimo Mendez 1851 Galpon 37 – Barrio Industrial Coquimbo, Chile – Telefono: +56-51-2232788 – Fax: +56-51-242147
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